Student Agreement

We aim to keep MYT as fun as possible, while maintaining an atmosphere that aids learning and helps each student progress to the best of their abilities. To do this we expect those involved to follow these four basic principals when working with us and each other, and we will follow them in turn.


An agreement to endeavour to learn any work you are set, attend all rehearsals and aim to see through anything you commit to. We will in turn ensure we turn up ready to work, and will attend all rehearsals as scheduled ready to facilitate you in your learning. We know and understand that sometimes other things happen that get in the way, if this is the case please speak to us to let us know.


Arriving on time, every time you’re supposed to be there. If you cannot make a session please aim to inform us in good time so that we know not to expect you. We in turn endeavour to do exactly same thing. Any student who misses three consecutive sessions with no contact with leaders will be removed from the register and have to rejoin the waiting list.


Treating people as you would expect to be treated. Please do not speak when other are performing, treat your leaders as you would like them to treat you, clear up after yourself, etc… We in turn will treat all students with respect and ensure that they are treated as such by their peers.


We believe in students taking responsibility for themselves, by way of passing messages to parents, ensuring they attend the correct rehearsals and are fully prepared for them. We aim to keep communications as open with parents as is possible, but we do also expect students to play their part in this to prevent parents having to deal with constant emails and other messages.

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