About Us

“Junior Theatre” began life in 1955 by Middlesbrough Little Theatre Company (MLT). It catered for secondary school aged young people, allowing them the chance to explore the performing arts in a fun environment, with plenty of room for learning and growth.

In 2003 due to demand “Junior Theatre” became “Middlesbrough Youth Theatre” and now caters for children aged 7-18, under the sub-divisions of “Kidstage” and “MainStage”. The groups meet weekly, with regular opportunities to participate in performances, which hold extra rehearsals through the week. Over the years they have won multiple awards for their work, and seen the beginnings of some spectacularly talented youngsters, who’ve grown to become today’s professionals.


“Kidstage” operates for children aged 7-11, focusing on drama based games, activities, skill building and show work. They are lead by a team of volunteers, who actively encourage learning and growth within their groups. Kidstage meet weekly on a Saturday lunchtime, and operate in two groups so as to allow for age appropriate skill building.


“Mainstage” is a group of 11-18 year olds who meet on a Saturday morning. They aim to produce a yearly musical, alongside a yearly showcase. All shows are held at Middlesbrough Theatre, giving students the opportunity to experience working on a stage in a full scale, working theatre. The group is led by a team of volunteers, who encourage students to take initiative and guide their own learning, while providing solid support and guidance as appropriate.  Students participate in drama, movement and vocal workshops, and through their time with the youth theatre are given the opportunity to participate in professional workshops where available.


Middlesbrough Youth Theatre relies on volunteers to run its groups, as well as on fundraising efforts of students and parents. We are a registered charity. All of the leaders are present because they genuinely care for the students and wish to see them succeed.

If you would like more information on joining us as a volunteer, or about our regular fundraising efforts please feel free to contact us for further information.