1. How do I join MYT?
    • Please see our “join us” section here for an explanation on how to join, as well as the link to our application form.
  2. I submitted an application last week, when can I expect a response?
    • While we aim to respond to everyone as quickly as we can, we quote a working time of a maximum of 14 days. This allows for busy periods such as shows, when our focus is often elsewhere for a week or two. Please don’t worry, we will get back to you and as our waiting list is ordered by the date of applications any delay will not affect your position on the list.
  3. How long is your waiting list?
    • Our waiting list tends to be rather long, especially towards the end of the calendar year when we are approaching auditions. Mainstage typically has one or two intakes per year, but when we do auditions we take a large number of students in one go. As a result of this your ‘number’ on the waiting list isn’t an indication as to how long you’re likely to be waiting. Unfortunately waits are sometimes longer than we’d like, but we will get you in as soon as we possibly can. Kidstage intakes a few times a year, again in large numbers, and as such the same applies in regards to your ‘number’ on the list.
  4. My daughter is 10 but she dances, can she join the older group early because of this?
    • Many of our students participate in performance opportunities outside of MYT. We operate based on students ages, and while we may sometimes deviate from this if a student has been with us for a while and we feel they are ready to move up, this is not the norm. Mainstage takes students from year 7 in school, and so if your child is old for their school year they may find that they aren’t in Mainstage until closer to their 12th birthday.


  1. When do you rehearse?
    • Mainstage meet on Saturdays, 10:30-12:30. Kidstage meet on Saturdays, 13:00-14:30. When we have an upcoming show we call additional rehearsals on weeknights.
  2. Do you have any other classes besides Saturday sessions?
    • We have separate, optional, singing and dance sessions for our current students. These are only open to members of MYT. Details of these are available from leaders, please ask us for more information after joining us!
  3. I can’t attend on a Saturday, is there another time available?
    • Unfortunately not, our only available sessions are on Saturdays.
  4. Where do you meet?
    • Saturday sessions are held at the Scout Hut, on Tollesby Road in Middlesbrough. We also hold additional rehearsals in Toft House, which is the white building besides Middlesbrough Theatre. Both venues are on bus routes, and are walking distance from Linthorpe Village.
  5. How much are your fees?
    • Mainstage fees are £70 per term, with Kidstage at £55 per term. There is a slightly reduced sibling rate of £65 per term for Mainstage members, please contact us for more information.
  6. When are your terms?
    • MYT runs alongside school terms. We begin terms in January, after the Easter holidays, and in September. We do not break up for half term holidays, only the main ones, and if we are working towards a show we may call rehearsals during holidays.
  7. Why are your fees so low? Should I be worried about the quality of teaching because of this?
    • MYT operates as a charity and relies heavily on the efforts of our parents’ and students’ fundraising efforts to continue running. We wish to provide a service that is accessible to all, and as such endeavour to keep our prices as low as we possibly can. All of our leaders are experienced within the performing arts industry and our low cost in no way reflects a lower quality experience with us!
  8. Do you offer dance/music/drama exams?
    • Unfortunately not, MYT don’t offer exams.
  9. How many shows can I expect to do?
    • Mainstage performs one showcase a year, in addition to one large musical. Kidstage have a show written for them each year, normally performing this in early summer time.

Student Welfare

  1. Do you have liability insurance?
    • The safety of our students is our number one priority, and as such we are fully insured as an organisation. Please ask if you would like to see evidence of this.
  2. What safeguarding practices do you have in place to protect students?
    • All of our leaders are DBS checked and experienced in working with children. We complete regular risk assessments of both the venues we use, and our working practices to ensure that the people and environments are as safe as is possible.
  3. Where can I find a full list of all of your policies?
    • Please click here to view that part of the website. All policies are available for download.
  4. My child has a disability, can they still join?
    • We aim to be as inclusive as we possibly can be. On a disability being disclosed to us we sit with parents/carers and complete a risk assessment or individual plan for the student. This is to ensure that we are working in ways which are not going to cause harm, and allow the student to access what we are doing in the best way possible. This information is kept confidentially between leaders and children are not singled out, excluded or otherwise disadvantaged as a result of this, quite the opposite, we want to see your child reach their full potential with us and hope to find out how best to achieve that! Please contact us before joining if you have any concerns and wish to discuss this in more detail with us.


  1. I’d like to work with MYT, how do I speak to you about volunteering?
    • Please contact us at the linked form. We’ll then pass your email on to the correct person to deal with it and ensure we get back to you ASAP!